EDgun Matador R5 .30 cal "Special edition"

R5 Standard

R5 Standard

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  • R5 Long

EDgun Matador R5 .30 cal "Special edition"


1 999,00 €
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The barrel diameter is 14 mm, light choke. The two side safety, which catches the hammer, not blocking the trigger. New way of reservoir fixing, new way of breech fixing, new digital gauge, walnut stock, the butt plate with the rubber inserts to protect slippery on cloth, heavy hammer, new 3 mm rod valve, new regulator, new offset moderator with huge volume.

Model barrel total lenght
Standard 477 mm.                764 mm.                  
Long 590 mm.                878 mm.      

Gun has 12 months warranty


Filling the airgun you need a hand pump, which can be pumped to 300 bar or scuba bottle. The scope is not included in the packet.