We maintain mainly the airguns what we represent, but we also do basic maintenance on other airgun brands. If you have any problems with the PCP-airgun, please contact us and we handle the gun up and running again. We always supply a cost estimate before performing maintenance.

Here are a few examples of the cost of the service:

- Adjustment of the regulator 67 €
The balance of the discharge regulator removal, adjustment and installation – gun placement and test firing

- With loose control of the regulator 39 €

- Regulator cleaning 99 €
          The balance of the discharge regulator removal, cleaning, re-greasing and assembling, adjustment and installation of the assembly of the gun and shooting.

- O-rings (not including the o-rings) 99 €

- Focus the binoculars to 25 meters at 37 €

- Service Price is 50 € / h

  • Prices include Finnish 24% VAT.