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DASE Shop offers a high quality of PCP (PreCompressed Pneumatic) airguns and accessories to airgun enthusiasts. Our activities are guided by principles such as reliability, quality, fast response times and customer satisfaction.

DASE Ltd. was founded in 2014.


I have used PCP-airguns since 2008, when I purchased my first PCP-airgun. That the acquisition of weapons increased interest in PCP and because i have technical background, I began do modifications and design tuning parts to airguns what i owned. Quickly i noticed that other airgun enthusiast wanted similar things from their airguns and decided to work with the Finnish workshop to produce a small batch of hammer spring tension adjustment screws. Currently, an advanced version of the HST screw and other products what i designed are sold in Finland, USA, Spain and Portugal airgun importers. Over the years several gun enthusiast has been contacted me either to repair or otherwise to adjust their airguns desired settings.

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