Delta Optical Titanium 3-24x56 ED MR.P300 OLT

Delta Optical Titanium 3-24x56 ED MR.P300 OLT


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Delta Optical Titanium 3-24×56 ED is a great riflescope dedicated to hunting and sport shooting at long distances. Unprecedented effectiveness of this high precision optical instrument is based on several innovative reticles specially designed for this model.

LR.600 reticle has been designed for shooting at a distance of more than 600 m. MR.P300 and HMR.P300 reticles apply when shooting at medium distances (200-400 m). There is also the classic reticle with a 4A S cross available for your consideration. 10 years warranty.

Delta Optical Titanium 3-24×56 ED riflescope is equipped with one of two types of knobs to choose from – closed CCT (Compact Cover Turrets) and open OLT (Open Locking Turrets). Each of them has a ZeroLock mechanism which enables locking the vertical cross control knob for specific settings – usually after the zeroing procedure.

Technical data

Magnification: 3 – 24x
Objective Diameter, mm: 56
Reticle: MR.P300
Illuminated reticle: Yes
SF – side focus knob
Field of View (degrees): 6.59 – 0.84
Field of View (m@100m): 11.5 – 1.5
Exit Pupil, mm: 7.3 – 2.3
Eye Relief, inch: 3.35 – 3.98
Eye Relief, mm: 85 – 101
Water Proof (N2): 0.3 kg/cm3
Weight, g: 1045
Length, mm: 375
One click: 0.1 mil rad (10 mm / 100 m)
Windage and elevation adjustment range: 100 MOA
Tube: 1 piece, 34mm
Coatings: Fully Multi Coated
Shock endurance: 1000G/6500J
Temperature operating range: +71 to -20 deg. C
Filling gas: Nitrogen
Diameter of CENTRAL DOT @100metres: at 24x = 5 mm
Warranty:10 years