EDgun Leshiy Gen2+

EDgun Leshiy Gen2+

EDgun Leshiy Gen2+

  • EDgun Leshiy Gen2+
  • EDgun Leshiy Gen2+
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EDgun Leshiy Gen2+


1 325,00 €
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Single shot Leshiy is newest model on EDgun range and it has same bloodline with earlier EDguns being very durable and very user friendly.

Leshiy features

- Single shot
- Ultra Compact structure
- Length when folded 355 mm and ready to shoot 637 mm
- Height 145 mm
- Fixed sound supressor, which is easy to open and clean
- Scope rail is weaver rail 22 mm, a length of 130 mm
- Weaver rail under the barrel
- Foldable stock works as a cocking mechanism
- The bullet velocity is adjustable
- Regulated, the setting value of 130 bar
- The metal parts are black anodised
- The structure is simple and durable
- Safety

package contains

- Filling adapter

Gun has 12 months warranty


Filling the airgun you need a hand pump, which can be pumped to 350 bar or scuba bottle.
The scope is not included in the packet.