Shooting chronograph

Air Chrony MK2

Air Chrony MK2

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Shooting chronograph

air chrony

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Air Chrony MK2 is an electronic device primarily designed to measure the speed and kinetic energy of the bullet. AirChrony MK2 was exhaustively researched and tested specifically for air guns, however, without problems to measure and conventional firearms smaller calibers (air guns, airsoft, rifle, etc.). Model AirChrony MK2 is a tabletop variant of the popular and very successful model Air Chrono MK1.

Chrono (Chronograph) allows to measure the velocity of the bullet of up to 500 m / s, power in Joules, average speed, maximum and minimum speed, number of shots, speed deviation (consistency), etc.

The high precision of measurement, the possibility of measurement in low light conditions, the ability to connect to a PC and, not least, easy and intuitive operation make it ideal for use in a wide range of shooting public. Together with the software AirChrony 1.15, which enables you to export the measurement results to PC, get help for your unique precision shooting

Packet includes

  • Chrony
  • cover / carry bag
  • batteries
  • USB cable
  • tripod
  • 230 V power source