EDgun Morana Multishot .22 cal "DEMO"

EDgun Morana Multishot .22 cal "DEMO"


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This unit is last Morana what is available, after this these are no more available. Gun has allready installed long accessorie rail like in the picture.

Morana is designed for ultra-long range shooting and it is very stable shot. Morana is intended to shot from support, for example using a bipod. EDgun Moranan brought to the market a new standard for pneumatic air-sniper weapons.


- Sight rail weaver 22 mm, a length of 195 mm
- Loading mechanism is the so-called Bolt-lock type
- The trigger is adjustable
- The bullet velocity is adjustable
- Regulated, the setting value of 130 bar
- The metal parts are black anodised
- The structure is simple and durable
- The barrel is ribbed Lothar Walther made
- The magazine can fit up to 11.8 mm long bullets


5.5 mm / .22 cal

6.35 mm / .25 cal

Length 1070 mm 1200 mm
Height 180 mm 180 mm
Weight 4.2 kg 4,8 kg
Chimney Length 476 mm 590 mm
Reservoir 289 cm3 388 cm3
Filling Pressure 220 bar 220 bar
Regulated shots Number of n. 50 shots n. 45 shots
Magazine capacity 10 pellets 9 pellets
Muzzle velocity 290 m / s 1.175 g pellet 275 m/s 1.645 g pellet
Muzzle energy 50 Joules 1.175 g pellet 62 Joules 1.645 g pellet

Package includes

Two of the magazine
Replacement O-rings
Filling nipple
Three sets of different heights cheek piece setting pad