EDgun Matador R3m standard

EDgun Matador R3m Standard

EDgun Matador R3m Standard

  • EDgun Matador R3m Standard
  • EDgun Matador R3m standard
  • EDgun Matador R3m standard

EDgun Matador R3m standard


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Sinlge shot Matador has got multishot follover, Matador R3M model. R3M was built by the manufacturer to quote the words “solid as a tank”, a sturdy like a tank. Matador R3M models weigh about three kilos and the center of gravity of the handle so it is very pleasant to handle.

Matador R3M features

- Compact “bullpup” structure
- Fixed sound supressor, which is easy to open and clean
- The magazine can fit up to 11.8 mm long pellets
- Scope rail is weaver rail 22 mm, a length of 230 mm
- Storage of magazines sight below the scope rail
- Loading mechanism is the so-called Bolt lock type
- The trigger is adjustable
- The bullet velocity is adjustable
- Regulated, the setting value of 130 bar and 160 bar .30 cal
- The metal parts are black anodised
- The structure is simple and durable


5.5 mm / .22 cal

6.35 mm / .25 cal

7.62 mm / .30 cal Long

Length 756 mm 756 mm 890 mm
Height 190 mm 190 mm 190 mm
Weight 2.5 kg 2,7 kg open
Barrel length 477 mm 477 mm 590 mm
reservoir capacity 280 cm3 280 cm3 360 cm3
Filling Pressure 220 bar 220 bar 220 bar
Number of regulated shots about 60 shots about 40 shots 20 shots
Magazine capacity 10 pellets 9 pellets download time
Muzzle velocity 290 m/s 1.030g pellet 275 m/s 1.645g pellet ~ 280 m/s 2.95g pellet
IMuzzle energy 43 Joules 1.030g pellet 64 Joules 1.645g pellet 115 Joules 2.95g pellet

Matador R3M package contains

- Two magazine
- Replacement O-rings
- Soft carrying case, green
- Filling adapter
- Manual, English

Gun has 12 months warranty

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Filling the airgun you need a hand pump, which can be pumped to 350 bar or scuba bottle.
The scope is not included in the packet.